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Bob Lenz Asked Not to Speak at Brat Fest

Instilling hope in youth. That has been the message from Bob Lenz and Life Promotions for more than 30 years, and it’s that message we will continue to share. We invite you to look at the 30+ years of Bob’s speaking engagements in public schools and faith-based events across the country as a testament to his message of hope for young people.

However, some controversy has arisen over some of Bob Lenz’s recent speaking engagements where he shared on the pro-life movement. The purpose of the speaking engagements was to challenge many in the pro-life community on how they have not represented their position in a loving and respectful manor.

In a recent article posted on the Red Letter Christian website, Bob Lenz was interviewed about his recent decision to speak out on the issue. The article, titled, “Can You be Pro-life and Pro-woman,” accurately shares his view.

A blog post on Bob Lenz’s Facebook page shares his true heart on the pro-life issue. I hope it is the same as the heart of Jesus… It’s never just about what we’re against, but more about who we are for. It’s about offering hope, grace and love. The body of Christ is a place where people should feel welcomed and accepted. My heart is for people to see followers of Christ as people who provide help and healing, not more hurt and pain. I desire for everyone to be valued as people of dignity and not just judged as someone less than “us” because of their choice. May we truly be a hospital for sinners, of whom I am chief, not just a museum for saints.”

Bob Lenz has a consistent record on teaching how to treat people with dignity and respect no matter their beliefs or views. “We have to stop allowing the media to divide us as a people and a human race,” says Bob, “and to live out the message that you can disagree with someone and still show them respect. The touchstone of our society is to show tolerance and respect for different ideas without enforcing conformity to one idea.”

“Even though it was clear I would not speak on the issue of abortion at Brat Fest,” says Bob, “and to focus on the issues of suicide prevention and what teens are facing today, I reluctantly accept the fact that the invitation to speak has been rescinded. I was honored to be invited to speak, but the last thing I want is to divert from a great community event that raises money for charities, and have it focus on me instead.”

As respecters of all faiths and religions, yet as believers in Jesus Christ, Bob Lenz and the staff of Life Promotions pray nothing but the best for the organizers and attendees of Brat Fest, and for it to be a growing success in years to come. We have nothing but love for Tim Metcalfe and his staff.

For those who know Bob Lenz personally, or have heard him speak, they can attest he has always been a balanced, tolerant and compassionate person. Bob’s ultimate hope is that the controversy surrounding this issue will cause civil and respectful dialogue. More so, his desire is for others to see people, not as agendas or issues to be argued, but as people to be loved. The time for camps and division is over. Let this be the catalyst to change the conversation from one of division, to one where we can come together to represent a heart of love for all. We wish Brat Fest all the best.

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