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My name is Elia and I am 28 years old. I came to the abortion clinic at Englewood, New Jersey on January 14th, 2014 to have an abortion because I have three children and I am sick. I came to the clinic alone because I had no one who would take me or help me with my pregnancy. I walked towards the clinic and saw a blue and white van across the street from the clinic advertising free ultrasounds. A woman approached me, asking if I would like to see my baby and I just started to cry.

The van made me think about my baby even more because it offered me one last chance to see him or her before I went into the clinic and I was afraid. It was so cold outside and I walked across the street to get into the van; as the door opened, I could smell the warm leather. I looked around, noticing everything about the van was nice and cozy so I lay down on the soft bed. The van was very quiet and you could not hear any noise from outside at all so it made it easy to talk with the volunteer. I asked the sonogram tech if this van was a Mercedes and she told me that it was. The van was so clean and fancy, I had never been in an expensive car or van before and this was top of the line luxury.

I was scared and I knew deep down inside that I had to give up my pregnancy because my baby had no life with me. But I needed to see with my own eyes what I was about to do and maybe somehow I could find a way to have this baby. The lights on the ceiling were dimly lit and it made me feel much more calm.

The warm air filled the van really fast and now I was comfortable and ready to see my baby for the first time since coming to the abortion clinic. The sonogram lady told me to look straight ahead so I could see the screen that would show me my baby. The screen lit up with my baby looking right at me. The picture was crystal clear and sharp so I was able to see everything that my baby was doing. I was given some pictures from the portable ultrasound machine. I was told that I was the very first person that had a sonogram on the van and I felt like God wanted me to keep my baby – that’s why this great van was parked there that day.

I have HIV and had no hope for my baby or me. But because of this ultrasound van and the people who spoke with me, I decided to have my baby and live to see her grow up and love her. I am sad that I wanted to have an abortion but I felt like I had no options because of my medical condition; I don’t want to leave my children orphans. I know now that there is hope and I will continue with my pregnancy and do what I need to do to be healthy for me and my family thanks to the kind words and help from the ultrasound van.

On March 25, 2014, I gave birth to a healthy eight-pound baby girl named Brenda and she is so beautiful. Thank you and God bless everyone at OUR GIFT OF HOPE for helping my family.


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