Sad Day for Save the Storks

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Dear friends,

It’s a sad day for Save the Storks.

This past Saturday evening, our office was broken into.

Fortunately, no one was here and no one was hurt, but we did lose some electronics and personal items. It doesn’t appear that we were targeted specifically because another suite in our building was broken into as well. But our hearts hurt after these kinds of attacks.

After this incident, we’re investing in better security that our current office building does not provide.

We’ve already had someone graciously donate $3,500 to cover our losses in the office. Would you help chip in to purchase a new security system and surveillance cameras?

Please also join us in praying for the individual(s) who broke into the building. Some of the items taken were personal belongings of our staff members, and we’d love it if any of that could be found and returned. We also know that the person(s) involved in the theft need Christ.

Thank you for being our partners. We’re grateful in the good times and bad times for your support and love for this ministry, and for your help in saving moms and babies. We love you!

– The Save the Storks Team