Jamie’s Story

I thought if I scheduled the abortion for Saturday, I would not see anyone outside the clinic. I had heard there could be protestors there and I did not want to deal with them. I also thought I would have the weekend to rest, as I had had an abortion in the past and knew what to expect. The reason I was choosing to abort this time was because I already had so many children and could not imagine having one more. After the first abortion, I said never again would I do this. I could not believe I was now in the same position again.

When I arrived at the clinic, I was surprised to see people there. There were people praying on the main street as I drove in and parked. Once parked, a very nice older lady told me that I could get a free pregnancy test and ultrasound and pointed me to a van that was parked down the drive. The clinic did not look like it was open and I realized I had arrived very early and would have to wait. I walked to the woman near the van and she asked me about my appointment. I explained I was early and she offered me a free ultrasound. I was curious, but I had already made up my mind and did not want anyone to try to talk me out of it. I told her I would do the ultrasound, but I had already made up my mind. She said she understood, but that because it is such an important decision, it should be an informed one.

As we prepared for the ultrasound, she asked me if I was familiar with some of the community resources that could assist with all kinds of things. She explained that it was good to know about them, even if I did not use them now; I may have a friend who may need them, or I may need them someday.

After she explained about what the pregnancy centers do, I had to admit that I did not really know anything about them. She made me feel very comfortable and we talked about my marriage and my kids and she asked if I attended church or had any religious beliefs. I went to church as a child and consider myself Catholic, but I had not been in church for a very long time. I do believe in God, but don’t spend a lot of time thinking about religious things.

As soon as the wand was placed on my stomach and I saw the clear picture of what seemed like a very large baby – I was overwhelmed. I was not prepared for what immediately came over me when I saw the screen. I really had miscalculated how far along I was. It turns out I was 8 weeks further along than I thought I was. I began to cry when I saw my child and knew there was not going to be another abortion. I think even she was surprised when I said I was going to keep my baby. I had said so many times that my mind would not be changed, I think she believed it.

I called my husband and told him I had changed my mind and he was very happy to hear me say that. I thanked the woman who helped me and offered to pay her. She said, “No, everything is free.” I know I was told that, but really wanted to pay her something. She said to buy something for the baby.

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