Eugenia’s Story

My story starts out in April 2015 when I was walking down to my next class and had to stop and sit for a while because I became dizzy and nauseous.

I bought a pregnancy test and watched my fears come true as the test revealed I was pregnant with my third child.

My boyfriend did not want to grow our family at the time, so I made the abortion appointment at one of the busiest abortion clinics in NJ, but I was not very happy about the decision we were making.

On the morning of my abortion, I walked past a light blue van that said there is still hope and thought to myself “not for my baby and me today.” I met someone across from the van and she told me that she would give me a free ultrasound to see how many weeks pregnant I was because I knew I was pregnant but didn’t know how far along I was.


The van was pretty on the outside, but when I stepped inside I could not believe how lovely it was. I had a place to talk privately with the technician about what I was going through and she listened and offered me help with many resources the center had for my baby and me. I nervously waited to see my ultrasound.

Finally the moment arrived. I watched as the large TV screen lit up with the picture of my baby and the reality hit me hard that I was going to abort my baby who had a very strong heartbeat. After the exam I told the technician I didn’t realize the baby was alive this early in the pregnancy and this would be murder if I continued into the clinic to get rid of my baby today. I knew I couldn’t live with myself if I chose to go and do that after what I had just heard.

Thank you so very much for being there for me in my time of vulnerability and loneliness. You helped provide the support I needed to choose life.

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