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With just enough money tucked away in her purse, Cheryl journeyed to Planned Parenthood with a friend. It was overwhelming how many friends and family members encouraged her to get an abortion. After all, she was 27 years old, single, unemployed, and already a parent. Just last week, she attempted to start a conversation with her mother. Her mother had two abortions in her past and refuses to speak of it to this day. Cheryl often wondered if the two babies her mother aborted would have been a brother or a sister and how her life would have been different with them in it…

Her head was spinning with thoughts as she headed towards her own abortion. As she and her friend walked along the grey pavement, she saw a large white mobile unit that said “Free Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasound” on the side. Could this be a sign?

She began to think about the opinions of those who told her to get an abortion. Those same individuals never once offered to help her care for her children. Why should she listen to them? Her mind was racing as she stepped onto the mobile clinic.

From her first step on board, she was warmly received by the mobile staff and given the opportunity to talk about what she wanted. For the first time in a long time, she felt as if she had a voice. Suddenly, a distinct noise cut through all her concerns. It was her baby’s heartbeat thumping over the speakers. She smiled as she saw her baby on the ultrasound machine.

After seeing her child, she was given resources, referrals, diapers, and vitamins. The medical professionals she spoke with truly wanted to keep her healthy during her pregnancy. She felt God nudging her towards life all week, and the Women’s Mobile Clinic was a complete answer to prayer. She was starting to block out the voices of the people in her life who wouldn’t even listen to her. She was keeping her baby!

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