Do You Know Your Calling?

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One of the worst outcomes of abortion-on-demand is that pregnancy and childbirth have been reduced to a biological hiccup whereby humans replicate themselves. If the mother and father didn’t mean to do this – or change their minds afterward – terminating the pregnancy is viewed as simply hitting the “backspace” button on a keyboard. Error deleted. Proceed with life.

But we know that this is a lie of epic proportions. And we don’t even need faith to tell us that this system of approaching abortion is detrimental to our humanity: the medical community is virtually unanimous in acknowledging that abortion scars women physically and psychologically, to say nothing of what abortion does to its preborn victims.

When we go further, viewing abortion through the eyes of faith, the devastating effect of abortion on humanity becomes downright disturbing. Human reproduction is more than cell division and survival of the fittest. Rather, a new human is what – or who – happens when God intricately knits life together.


Humans, created in the image of God, mirror God in every way; we are created as a reflection of Him and His trinitarian life. The love between the Father and Son is intense and uninterrupted; this love overflows to create and hold in existence the Holy Spirit. Likewise, when man and woman unite in love, their love overflows into a new and unique person. This is how many of us comes into being, and God’s love sustains us in existence, and brings us out of mortal life and into eternity. We cannot be reduced to products of chance because we are not; this is a lie utilized to peddle the abortion product and mask its heart-breaking effects on women in the attempt to make a sale.


Thus, our call as pro-life advocates is to strive to love each person with the indiscriminate love of God. We don’t qualify the value of any life based on its age, size, consciousness, or guilt. We simply follow God’s blueprint for love without bounds. In turn, when we strive to protect women and children from abortion, we are in essence speaking God’s own words to them: You are precious and worthy. I love you for love’s sake; you don’t have to earn it. We seek the good of those we serve because we are created and held in being by the very same Father.

Living our pro-life call, let’s demonstrate the Gospel by exemplifying the love to which we are called. Love pre-born children and their mothers and fathers simply because they, like us, are made in God’s image. This is a lofty call. Our example of love will do more to save lives than any theological treatise ever could. The world is desperate for the love that we possess; our job – is to share it with others.