Hannah’s Story

My name is Hannah and I have a wonderful boyfriend.

Yes, the kind of guy that gives you butterflies every time he walks by. It’s not just that though. We’re serious, we have dreams for our future. I’ve always wanted to be pregnant one day. We’ve discussed having children in our future.

But now? I’m 23 years old and I work full-time. Not only am I busy, I don’t feel ready to be a mom.

So he held my hand. A simple act really, but he swore to support me no matter what. I scheduled an appointment through the local call center and later that week we walked onto the Stork Bus together.

I walked up the steps and was greeted by a smiling woman. As she spoke to me, I was baffled by her kindness. I was a stranger and she treated me like family. Her voice was the kind that could lull a baby to sleep – and yet a firm confidence was present, letting me know I’d be OK.

And I was OK, we were OK, until we heard the heart beat on the ultrasound machine.

Tears flooded our eyes and we looked at each other and smiled.

We are going to have this baby!

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