Sherri’s Story

The following story comes from Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon in Rincon, GA

My name is Sherri. I am 21 year old full-time student working my way through college. It’s nothing short of exhausting! With the constant pressure of school, my pregnancy was definitely an added burden. How would I have the time to raise a child?

Even if I did have the time necessary, I couldn’t tell my boyfriend. I know he’ll just get mad. Honestly, no one is excited about this pregnancy. My mom has never liked my boyfriend, and the one person I feel would support me is gone. My grandmother. I so wish she were still alive. She’d be the first person to support and encourage me.


Without support, I entered the Stork Bus. The nurse smiled and told me I could have an ultrasound if I wanted one. After seeing her smile, I was relieved – but still nervous.

This was really happening. The monitor lit up and I heard the heartbeat so clearly and steadily that my own heart skipped a beat. In that moment, I knew I could never hurt this little one.

It won’t be easy, but I will carry this baby.

I walked onto this Stork Bus without a support system and left with a supportive community of friends. The staff on the bus made me feel at home. Without this ultrasound, I would have felt extremely pressured to not keep this baby.

At the end of the day – this is my decision. And it’s one I can live with. Who knew the sound of a heartbeat could change your world?

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