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The following story comes from Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon in Rincon, GA

My name is Sherri. I am 21 year old full-time student working my way through college. It’s nothing short of exhausting! With the constant pressure of school, my pregnancy was definitely an added burden. How would I have the time to raise a child?

Even if I did have the time necessary, I couldn’t tell my boyfriend. I know he’ll just get mad. Honestly, no one is excited about this pregnancy. My mom has never liked my boyfriend, and the one person I feel would support me is gone. My grandmother. I so wish she were still alive. She’d be the first person to support and encourage me.


Without support, I entered the Stork Bus. The nurse smiled and told me I could have an ultrasound if I wanted one. After seeing her smile, I was relieved – but still nervous.

This was really happening. The monitor lit up and I heard the heartbeat so clearly and steadily that my own heart skipped a beat. In that moment, I knew I could never hurt this little one.

It won’t be easy, but I will carry this baby.

I walked onto this Stork Bus without a support system and left with a supportive community of friends. The staff on the bus made me feel at home. Without this ultrasound, I would have felt extremely pressured to not keep this baby.

At the end of the day – this is my decision. And it’s one I can live with. Who knew the sound of a heartbeat could change your world?

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Save the Storks exists to partner with pregnancy resource centers and give abortion-vulnerable women a choice that will change their lives forever. We partner with pregnancy resource centers all over the nation, providing them with powerful tools and training to more effectively connect with those women in their communities. With the support of people like you, we have built over 50 Stork Buses that reach women near abortion clinics, on college campuses, in rural areas and inner cities. And here’s a statistic you’ll want to share with friends and family: four out of five women who board a Stork Bus, see their baby on the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat, choose life.