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This story comes from First Option Care of Thomasville, GA

Ellie walked onto the Stork Bus uncertain if she was pregnant or not. She and her husband recently moved to the United States from Guatemala with their son. They borrowed a lot of money to do so and were faced with a devastating financial burden.

Another child? As far as she and her husband were concerned – this would just be another financial burden.

If she was pregnant, they were getting an abortion. Speaking fluent Spanish and no English – she explained her plan to the interpreter.

Before the test, we spoke with her about her relationship with Christ. She said she used to have two sons and two years ago her youngest was run over by a car at the age of three. It was during this time that she sought out God, a church home, and became a Christian.

Although she knew an abortion was wrong, she felt it was her only option.

She said she wasn’t under any pressure from her husband to abort and she seemed almost numb and completely emotionless. After the pregnancy test came back positive, she continued to show no emotion whatsoever and was still insistent on the abortion. She was educated about the different types of abortion, including the risks and possible long term side effects. Our translator poured her heart out to her and even plainly asked her if she understood that her son’s death was an accident but, should she choose to abort her baby, it would be something she would always know she chose, not an accident.

Still, Ellie wanted the abortion. Adoption was an option she stated she and her husband did not want because they felt that once they saw their baby, they would not be able “to give it away.” She was offered a free ultrasound to confirm how far along she was. This would help determine what she would face if she chose to go through with an abortion. She quickly agreed and consented to the ultrasound.

Her ultrasound was an extremely clear 6 week 6 day ultrasound. Once she saw the heartbeat, a tear rolled down her cheek. She was met with a warm smile and yet she was intent on remaining strong and stoic. Once the ultrasound was done, she was asked if seeing her baby made a difference and she just sat there looking down.

She was gently met with a soft hand on her back and was told that everything would be OK. The translator reminded her she was not alone in this. After she heard this, she started to open up. She confessed she did not want to abort her baby – she wanted to give this baby life! After much conversation and prayer, she left with a smile.

Since then, she’s remained in contact with her translator and is still pregnant. It’s been 3 weeks since her ultrasound and we’ve continued to praise God for what He has in store for this strong mother and her child!

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