Allison’s Story

The following story comes from The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford in Rockford, IL.

Overcome by emotion, Allison stepped into the Stork Bus. She was thirty-one and a mother of four children.

Fears filled her head…

She feared the possibility of having to care for another child on her own. She loved her four children, but how could she ever handle one more?

She feared that her child might turn out like the potential father. She met him at a party and doubted that he could ever be part of this child’s life.

She feared having a fifth c-section. Her doctor was unwilling to perform another one due to the many health risks involved.

It all seemed too complicated and too difficult to handle on her own. She wondered, “Would an abortion just take all this worry away? But what about the child? Would it look like her sons or her daughter?”

As the nurse confirmed her pregnancy, these fears and worries seemed to well up in Allison. As her mentor held her hand, she encouraged Allison to really think about her options carefully.

The nurse performed the ultrasound and her fear and uncertainty was replaced with hope and excitement.


As she saw the perfectly healthy baby, she began to cry. Her mentor and nurse asked to pray with her for discernment regarding the life of her child.

Sitting there in the bus, Allison decided that no sense of freedom or relief from worry would ever compare to the joy that comes from raising a child. She has chosen to join the Countdown to Parenthood program at the center and knows that with this decision, she is no longer alone in her journey as a mother.

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