Quit Limiting Women – Adoption is an Option

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Recently, I’ve read several articles telling me adoption isn’t a viable alternative for women faced with an unexpected pregnancy. I find this a bit alarming because it seems to reduce a woman’s choice to only two categories. Not only is this setting up a logical flaw, but it is also misleading.

Adoption is an option women have.

However, I do agree that not many women choose this option. A quick check online pulls up all sorts of pie charts, data, and stats that show most women don’t make this choice.

Why is this the case?

Often, this is because women today are only empowered with the choice of either having a child or not having one.

The fact is, there is another option not being talked about. Adoption is an incredibly brave and powerful choice that takes great strength of character.

Granted, we live in a time when independence is valued. So much of our culture tells us we should do it on our own or do it the way we want. Needing help has become equated with weakness. However, how is choosing the norm and conforming showing any signs of independence?

Women who choose adoption are clearly showing independence and strength through their act of doing it the way they want – despite the challenges.

Clearly, I don’t agree with those who suggest that choosing adoption makes a woman appear un-empowered or weak.
[Tweet “Choosing to carry a child and to entrust the child’s safety to someone else is not weakness.”]

It isn’t as if a woman is claiming defeat. Instead, she is rising up and taking control of her life in a way that can empower her. Weakness simply doesn’t come into play when a woman decides to carry a child and then allows another to raise her child. Instead, this takes great bravery.

Another argument?

No woman would give up her child without propaganda and fear-mongering from pregnancy resource centers.

Again, this argument doesn’t hold up because it’s suggesting that women cannot make their own educated decisions. Pregnancy resource centers are used to educate women about all of their options and to help them with whichever choice they make.

Women don’t choose to put a child up for adoption out of fear or coercion from these pregnancy resource centers. Women choose adoption because they learn that someone else will love and care for the child.

Our society so often limits women.
[Tweet ” When we don’t provide or even see adoption as an option, we are limiting a woman’s choices. “]

Why is this issue narrowing to only two options – she can either have and raise her child or she can have an abortion? How is this accurate? Women are not limited to these two options. There are countless alternatives, such as grandparent’s raising the child, relatives taking custody, adoption, and so forth. This is far from an “either or” argument.

Adoption shows faith, hope, and trust in another person – it demonstrates love. When did we as women decide these virtues are not valued? How can we say that adoption is anything other than a woman’s decision to give the gift of love to another person? Again, adoption shows bravery because a woman is strong enough to admit she doesn’t have the means or the resources to raise the child and has enough courage to let someone else take over for her.

Adoption isn’t an easy choice, and it has its challenges. However, adoption always will be a legitimate, loving, and wonderful alternative available for women.