That Awkward Moment When Planned Parenthood Says They Care

“Care. No matter what.”

That’s the motto of Planned Parenthood, plastered right there at the top of their website in bright, bold letters. Whenever pro-life legislation lands on a governor’s desk or legislators threaten to cut off taxpayer funding to clinics that offer abortion services, abortion groups like Planned Parenthood woefully cry that their only aim is to help women who would otherwise go without quality health care. It’s all about the women, they say!

Care. No matter what.

But unfortunately for the abortion industry, and the millions of women who’ve been victimized by it, this claim of compassion simply isn’t true. And you don’t have to look very far to find the proof.

Here’s a good example. A Planned Parenthood branch in Idaho recently filed a legal complaint against the Stanton Healthcare Center, a free health care clinic that offers pregnancy services and alternatives to abortion. Stanton Healthcare owns a brick-and-mortar storefront that happens to be located right across from a local Planned Parenthood clinic, and the two entities share a common parking lot.

Looking to expand its services, Stanton Healthcare opened a mobile clinic to help reach even more women in low-income areas who often have trouble getting to a local clinic. And, unlike Planned Parenthood, which charges women $150 for an initial appointment, ultrasounds and options counseling, the Stanton Healthcare Center offers these services and more completely free of charge.


The clinic has also announced future plans to bring health care and hygiene products to local homeless women, high schools and rural areas, as well as to open a mega-clinic to offer women even more quality health services.

Now, based on Planned Parenthood’s claim that all women should have access to health care, one would think any local clinic that takes pregnancy services to low-income women – regardless of whether they offer abortions – would be a plus in Planned Parenthood’s view. Right?


Instead, the abortion group filed a lawsuit targeting Stanton Healthcare Clinic for the thinnest of reasons – alleging that they parked their mobile clinic in the complex’s common area parking lot against building regulations. Here’s a clip of the suit itself:

“Regularly park[ing] a van/mobile home on the parking area of the Business Center Common Area, typically beginning Tuesday evenings and, at times, leaving Friday evenings or remaining longer. To the best of Plaintiff’s knowledge, information and belief, the van/mobile home is used for a number of purposes, including ultrasounds, consultations and other activities. The Declaration does not permit such activity in the Common Area.”

The suit also alleges that pro-life protesters, who Planned Parenthood admits may or may not be related to Stanton Healthcare, have used the parking lot to “promote services” other than abortion and have tried to persuade Planned Parenthood patients to seek help at the pro-life clinic, instead.

Stanton Healthcare founder Brandi Swindell, on the other hand, says her clinic hasn’t invited anyone to protest or harass their neighbors or their patients.

The suit doesn’t allege that Stanton Healthcare violated any laws regarding the health and wellbeing of their patients, nor do they accuse the clinic of any aggression toward their Planned Parenthood neighbors. This entire legal battle was launched over a parking space for a mobile clinic, and complaints over protesters who aren’t even related to Stanton Healthcare.

This raises some pretty serious questions that have nothing to do with parking permits or protests.

Planned Parenthood hangs its entire reputation on the claim that they care about women, and that their sole purpose for existing is to provide women with quality healthcare. But with only 900 centers nationwide, Planned Parenthood couldn’t possibly accomplish this mission on their own, and should be ecstatic that groups like Stanton Healthcare are standing in the gap.

If they truly cared about women.

But they don’t. Instead, they’re actively suing their competitors – competitors who provide health care services that threaten Planned Parenthood’s patient pool and, most importantly, their revenue base. They’re not concerned that shutting Stanton Healthcare would keep untold numbers of women from accessing the health care they would otherwise have received. As long as Planned Parenthood’s coffers remain safe and full, all else is collateral damage.

Including children.

Including women.

If you’re interested in standing with Stanton Healthcare, please visit this page.