Jessica’s Story

The following story comes from Elizabeth’s New Life Center in Dayton, OH. 

We pulled up to the small white house to see a young woman sitting on the front porch with her head bent down, her hands pressed against her forehead. This was Jessica. She was several months pregnant and suffered from extreme anxiety, which had made it difficult for her to leave her house. She had been receiving care from a midwife who hadn’t been available to meet with her for some time. Becoming worried about the health of her baby, her anxiety heightened and she had become unable to leave her home in order to get to the doctors.

Early on, we formed a vision of using our unit to primarily reach college students, but we knew that God was taking us on a detour, which was leading us straight to Jessica. We decided we would drive to her house to perform an ultrasound for her.

I walked up to the front porch with a large grin, excited to meet my first client. Jessica shyly shook my hand and followed me towards the unit. As she stepped on, she smiled, leaving her anxiety at the door. She was happy that she could see her house from the van windows, while also receiving the privacy and care she would have had in a doctor’s office.

Her fears quickly subsided as she watched the ultrasound monitor, seeing her baby dance around in her womb. In that moment she knew that everything would be fine. We finished with measurements and I let her hear her baby’s heartbeat. She grinned from ear to ear as she listened to the rhythmic sounds of the life within her womb.

Witnessing this moment between Jessica and her child was an immense blessing and a beautiful reminder that the purpose of the Stork Bus is to meet the client where she’s at, even if it’s at her front door.

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