Earlier this month we were asked if we would be interested in being a sponsor at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C. While our purpose within the movement has never been political, we jumped on the opportunity to spread our message of love, compassion, and action at such a well-known event.

CPAC is the largest annual convention of conservative activists and is well-known for drawing media from across the country. One of these media outlets was Jezebel, an online magazine centered around “celebrities, sex, feminism, and issues relating to women’s empowerment.” The magazine has sent one of its own to liveblog “from inside the beast”— her own endearing description of CPAC.

Jezebel’s news editor, Gabrielle Bluestone, wrote a not-so riveting article entitled “The Land of the Free: A Look Inside CPAC’s Swag Room,” in which she describes the CPAC exhibit room as a “demented tour through the tenets of conservatism.” She mostly just goes on in detail about different conservative paraphernalia that can be found there. Describing the room, she turns to Save the Stork’s display space, saying,

“Across the end, towards the back, is parked a Mercedes sprinter, which the pro-life group Save the Storks uses to give pregnant women free ultrasounds and lectures against abortion.”

We appreciate the shoutout. And yes, we do provide free ultrasounds to women in need (something the “beloved” Planned Parenthood can’t claim). But we do not provide “lectures against abortion,” instead we offer free information because we are passionate about empowering women through education and informed consent. 

Our purpose as an organization was clear from the beginning—empower women to make life-affirming decisions by providing them with the resources, counseling, and unparalleled support before, during, and after their pregnancies—even if their pregnancies end in abortion. With our Stork Mobile Units we are able to give women an inviting, beautiful space in which they can receive free ultrasounds, STI testing, pregnancy tests, and many other resources at no cost.

We believe that information empowers women and that an informed choice is a real choice.

Jezebel’s claim that this free information is the same as a “lecture against abortion” is unfortunately consistent with a lot of “pro-choice” messaging. We often wonder, if the pro-choice side is so “pro-women,” why don’t they support us as we champion women emotionally and physically? And if they believe in “choice” then why do they complain when we empower women to make informed choices?

We believe that a woman, when offered education on all of her options, is smart enough to make a choice that is healthiest for her and her family. To offer anything less is manipulation.

Jezebel believes empowering women through education is “lectures against abortion.” We call it being pro-women.

Brenna Skattebo

Brenna works in the marketing department as the Content Manager and loves having the chance to draw people into what Save the Storks is doing through storytelling and keeping them up-to-date with pro-life news. When she’s not saving storks, she can be found exploring Colorado with her husband or playing with her adorable niece and nephew. Follow her adventures on Instagram.