During the early 2000s, there was a nationwide debate taking place surrounding partial-birth abortion. Republicans in Congress were working diligently to ban the barbaric procedure and, as a result, abortion was a front page topic.

At the time, I was in high school and forming my opinion of abortion. I mean, I knew from the moment I learned what abortion was that it was wrong and that I was against it. But it wasn’t until I started paying attention to the conversations around me that I understood just how tragic it was and how involved I wanted to be in working to end it.

It was because people were brave enough to speak loudly about the truth of what abortion is, what it does to a child and what it does to that child’s mother, that I became actively and ardently pro-life.

It was because people around me were openly and publicly pro-life in both their conversations and their actions, that I became vocal about my pro-life stance.

We have an opportunity, right now, to influence others who are forming those same opinions. With a real opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood, abortion is once again a national discussion. Because of the recent Women’s March and Day Without a Woman protest, the feminist stance on abortion has been a topic of discussion.

Whenever abortion is in the national news or a popular topic on social media, and whenever we are having this national discussion about the unjust treatment of the smallest and most helpless among us, it’s good for the pro-life cause.

Why is that? Because truth is on the side of life.

And because people are always watching the conversation and forming opinions.

Something my husband always reminds me of is that when we’re having a discussion with someone, whether on social media or in person, we have to always keep in mind that there are others who are watching and listening. Sometimes we are engaging to try and change the heart of the one on the other end of the conversation, but we need to be aware that we are also engaging in order to impact those who are listening.

Especially on social media, someone else is always watching.

And many times, your conversation is actively challenging that person to consider or reconsider his/her position, for the better.

But it’s not just our conversations that are having an impact. It’s also our actions.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a fundraising event for a maternity home in my city that cares for young pregnant mothers who, because of their pregnancy and their decision to choose life, have nowhere to live.

I posted pictures from the event on a couple of my social media accounts and the next morning I received the sweetest message from a fellow mom on Instagram. It was probably one of the most encouraging things I’ve read.

Apparently she and her daughter were watching my Instagram story together and her little girl began asking questions about where I was and what I was doing there. After deciding to explain the heart wrenching reality of abortion to her 5 year old daughter (as age appropriately as possible), this mom said that she was “so overwhelmed and moved by her compassion.”

She went on to write, “Now she wants to give the money from her piggy bank to a Pregnancy Resource Center so they can help the mommies know that they don’t have to have abortions. She’s brainstorming how to raise more money to help them. She wants to have a toy sale. I’m just blown away and honestly inspired.”

I teared up reading her message the first time, and typing it right now is bringing tears to my eyes once again. How humbling it is when God uses the seemingly simple actions of one person to move the heart of another to action.

We have an opportunity right now, each and every one of us. We can be bold in our defense of life. We can have the hard conversations and do the right thing or we can hide our convictions away. I want to challenge you to be actively, boldly and publicly pro-life.

People are watching and listening all around you.

Mothers are desperate for love and for help.

Innocent lives are being ended. 

Don’t shy away from this incredible chance to save lives. There is a shift taking place in this nation right now and it’s shifting toward life, toward the ending of abortion. Tell your story. Share your heart. Speak the truth. Reach out to mothers in need. Get involved. It could change someone’s mind and it could save someone’s life.

Do you have a story about abortion, life, motherhood, adoption, miscarriage, or a personal story of why you value life? Email us. Help us change the movement one story at a time.

Help us save lives today. Join the movement.

Jessi Bridges

Jessi is a writer, homesteader, homeschool mother, and director of the non-profit organization, Nevadans for Life. She loves to browse bookshelves in the thrift store and create in the kitchen, but you will usually find her on the floor reading to her children. She and her bearded husband live in Las Vegas with their 4 children, a handful of chickens, and their plump gray cat. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram.