Grace’s Story

The following story comes from Women’s Choice Center in Bettendorf, IA.

My name is Grace and I’m eighteen years old. I found out I was pregnant at the age of sixteen. My boyfriend and I decided to keep the baby. We love our little girl. She’s my entire life. I’ve sacrificed so much for her, and it has all been worth it. But, when I found out I was pregnant last month, I panicked. I couldn’t have another kid, my life was already crazy enough!

After taking a few months to think about it, we decided to get an abortion. We knew that we wanted to get an ultrasound beforehand. A woman from a local pregnancy center told me I could get a free ultrasound at a nearby mobile medical unit. She even took me to the unit and went in with me, giving me support during the whole appointment.

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The nurse took time to ask me questions—about my health, my life, and my relationship. It felt like she was really trying to get to know me. She really cared about me and my family.

As I sat down in the bus, I remembered a friend telling me about her ultrasound before she got an abortion—the screen was faced away from her and she never got to see her baby.  When my ultrasound started, the nurse explained everything I was looking at on the screen.

Tears began rolling down my face as I watched my baby move around. He was large, he was active, and he was mine. I almost screamed, “It’s a baby! I can’t have an abortion! It’s moving! I can see its legs!”


I was reminded of seeing my little girl on the ultrasound screen several years ago. I was afraid, I was nervous, but mostly, I had no idea what a blessing she would become to me and my boyfriend. And I realized that the same is true of this little baby—I may be afraid, I may be nervous, but this baby is a blessing!

I am so grateful for my experience on the Stork Bus. Had I never stepped on the bus, I would have missed out on one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

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