The pro-choice side of the abortion debate has attempted to spread the narrative that abortion is good for women and that it is intrinsic to their empowerment. But so often, we find that women do not identify with this narrative – their stories differ greatly from the one they are being fed.

We came across this powerful video, in which a woman named Maegan shares her abortion story. The video opens with Maegan saying, “I had an abortion.” Getting emotional, she shares that, although being pro-choice, she believes that her “purpose in life is to share this story.”

In this emotional video, she describes her first ultrasound, saying, “Putting my feelings aside on what I feel on the issue now, and kind of this pro-life and pro-choice argument that is floating around… no matter where you are on the issue, nothing is better than seeing something like that. And to know that you made that. And that that is yours. And whatever it is, and whatever it turns out to be is yours.” 

Despite being someone that is pro-choice, the way she describes her ultrasound is very “pro-life,” in the sense that she acknowledges that what is growing inside of her is special. It is not a “clump of cells” or a “parasite,” but rather, something that the mere sight of is incomparable – she says, “nothing is better.”

Her experience in seeing her baby on the ultrasound screen is similar to that of many women we’ve heard from. In fact, 4 out of 5 women who see an ultrasound of their baby on one of our mobile units, choose life. For many women, it is this experience alone that is enough to combat the prevailing culture of abortion in our nation. Women are empowered to make a life-affirming decision when they have this vital information.

However, after her relationship became abusive and unhealthy, Maegan, like so many other women, felt as though she had no other choice but to get an abortion. She describes her experience – a lobby, full of people, but silent nonetheless, and a “counseling session” that was more of a routine checklist.

She goes on to tell about her internal struggle as they called her name – “I think that’s whenever everything hit me and I kind of realized what I had gotten myself into. And every atom, every molecule, every cell, every bone in my body said, “Walk away, just leave, run, run as fast as you can, don’t look back, don’t do it.” 

“I just wished that I listened to myself and to my gut. But I didn’t.”

Like many women, Maegan had been fed the lie that abortion was her only option.

We hope that in providing real resources and legitimate counseling, women in Maegan’s shoes would feel empowered to make the best choice for both themselves and their child – the choice that they so often wish they had made.

However, because Maegan was not given the necessary care and resources, she continued on with the abortion – a memory that plagues her even to this day. She says, “They gave me some medication to sedate me, and to kind of, I don’t know, fog your memory so you can’t remember anything.”

“It didn’t work… I remember everything… I remember every sound, every feeling, and every emotion.”

The pro-choice side claims that women do not experience negative psychological side-effects related to abortion, and that if they do, it is because they are experiencing guilt and shame cast on them from the pro-life movement.

However, Maegan does not mention any of this. Instead, she says that the experience of abortion itself was traumatic enough to the point that she has been “reeling” with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the last five years.

She openly talks about the fact that she attempted suicide, saying, “There were a multitude of things that were happening in my life, but it all stemmed from that one event. Looking back know, it’s something I wish I hadn’t have ever done. I do regret it, with everything in me, I regret it.”

By working with pregnancy resource centers, we provide women who are experiencing unexpected pregnancies with information and counseling, as well as resources that will help them in whatever stage they are in – expecting, deciding, mothering, or grieving.

Our mission is centered around the hope that women, like Maegan, would never feel like abortion is their only option.

At Save the Storks, we encourage women to share their stories in order to find the healing and help they need in the wake of their abortions – even if they were decades ago.

Since inviting women to share their stories, we have received hundreds of stories of women who regret their abortions and who wish they would have been given the help and information that they so desperately needed.

The pro-choice movement has attempted to destigmatize and normalize abortion, while simultaneously silencing the many women who have feel as though the regret and grief related to their abortions are illegitimate.

We are so thankful for women like Maegan, who are willing to talk openly about their abortions. We hope that hearing from women like her allows more people to see that there is a great need in our culture to love and care for women who have are faced with unexpected pregnancies. 

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Brenna Skattebo

Brenna works in the marketing department as the Content Manager and loves having the chance to draw people into what Save the Storks is doing through storytelling and keeping them up-to-date with pro-life news. When she’s not saving storks, she can be found exploring Colorado with her husband or playing with her adorable niece and nephew. Follow her adventures on Instagram.