3 Practical Ways You Can Help Adoptive Parents

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”
-C.S. Lewis

At Save the Storks, we believe that adoption is an amazing opportunity for families to live out the gospel, and for parents and children to be jointly blessed.

Maybe you’ve thought vaguely about the possibility of adopting in your future, maybe you’re actively pursuing it, or maybe it’s just not currently an option for you.

No matter what your circumstances are there are ways you can get involved to make adoption more possible in your community and to care for children in need.

Are you interested in adopting

A great first step is to get connected with other adoptive families who have walked through the process. You can do this through your church, a local adoptive families support group, or an adoption agency.

Talk to families who adopted from the US foster care system and to families who adopted internationally. Talk to families who adopted a child with special needs, and to families who adopted siblings.

Not only will this give you a wide range of perspectives from families that have walked through it and help you consider your options, but it connects you to a supportive network of people who can offer advice and encouragement along the way.

But what if you don’t want to adopt or it’s just not possible for you right now?

There is still so much you can do to be an important part of the adoption process for a child and their family. Here are just three ways your involvement can make all the difference.

1. Get certified to babysit for foster care children.

The U.S. Foster care system has strict requirements about who can babysit foster care children, and this can apply to children who have been recently adopted as well. Getting certified and offering to babysit is a great service not only to the parents but also to the children.

Parents getting time to reconnect apart from their kids is important in any family, but especially in one adjusting to a recent adoption. Looking after the health of the parents is an active way to look after the health of the children.

2. Throw a baby shower.

It’s easy to think about baby showers for women who’s baby bumps you see growing every day—but it’s not something we immediately think about with adoption, even though adoptive parents need them just as much!

It might seem tricky to plan a baby shower for a family in the adoption process because the timeline is often so unpredictable. But don’t be deterred—even if the best option is to throw a shower after the child has come home to his or her new parents, it will still be such a blessing to that family.

3. Contribute financially.

This is one of the most obvious ways you can help a family adopt, since most adoptions are very expensive. The significance of a monetary gift to a family trying to adopt cannot be overstated.

One way you can help a family raise the support they need is by creating an adoption fund at your church. If monetary gifts are made to individuals, they often aren’t tax-deductible. Creating an adoption fund eliminates that obstacle, making financial contributions a more viable option for individuals and foundations.

You can also partner with an organization like Adopt a Love Story, as they help fundraise for adoptive families through compelling storytelling. Learn more about the work they are doing here.

Our God is the Father to the fatherless, and all of us have been adopted as His sons and daughters through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Adoption is a beautiful way in which we can live out this story. It’s something all of us can participate in, so let’s prayerfully consider the ways in which we can be a part of telling that story.

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