Beth’s Story

The following story comes from the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon in Savannah, GA.

I woke abruptly this morning and remembered the pregnancy test I took the night before. No, no, that couldn’t have been real! I blinked, hoping it had been a dream. The stress of the night before flooded back. I rolled over and looked at my husband, who was staring up at the ceiling—a look of worry on his face.

We were laying in my childhood bedroom and I could hear my mom shuffling around the kitchen above us. Hopefully she was making a huge pot of coffee.

Our two year old son rolled over and started crying. I crawled to the end of our bed and peeked into his crib. We had lived with my mom since we got married two years ago. She hated that we were married and she hated that we lived in her basement. After all, we were twenty-two, we should be able to pay for our own apartment.

My husband just got a job and we were hoping to be able to move into our own place soon, but the news of last night changes everything. We would have to live with my mom for several more years to be able to afford everything.

I couldn’t imagine having to tell her I’m pregnant again. While she’s been very helpful by letting us live with her, she’s never been very emotionally supportive. 

These fears were pushing me further and further towards considering abortion.

We decided we should find out more about our pregnancy before we made any decisions. I had heard of this bus that offered free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, so we headed there shortly after.

The nurse on the bus was so kind and loving—she treated me like I was her own daughter. She confirmed the pregnancy and offered me an ultrasound.

When she pointed out the baby’s heartbeat, I began to cry.

As I watched the screen, the baby became more and more real to me. My husband, who was playing outside with our little boy, came in to see the heartbeat. A smile filled his face and we both knew that the beating heart on the screen was as real as the little boy he was holding.

We know that this new season won’t come without its challenges, but we can’t wait to parent this little one.

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