This piece was reprinted with permission from New Wave Feminists’ blog.

Can you imagine a world without abortion?

What would it look like? Pro-choicers want us to believe it would be filled with hemorrhaging women, self-aborting and dying in the streets, but I’m not buying that.

When I imagine what the world would look like if our fertility were treated as the super power it is, and the life of the unborn human given the respect it deserves, I see a place that’s a whole [lot] more pro-woman than what we have now. 

Think about it. Currently when a low-income woman gets pregnant (or a young woman, or a single woman, or really any woman who doesn’t have a life deemed “suitable” by society to bring children into) she is met with all types of hostility. Simply for having the audacity to, ya know, actually have the kid that clearly already exists inside her womb.

She basically has to make her case for why she should be able to stay pregnant and how she plans on supporting said child with the least amount of inconvenience to society as possible.

Her partner resents her, her boss resents her, her community resents her. She and her child—whose life is considered “a choice” (and because she chose to keep the baby this is all her responsibility, of course)—are now a burden to others. An inconvenience. This makes the fertile female person a liability to employers and partners.

But what if we lived in a world that realized that once a new life had come into existence, the time for “choosing” whether or not it existed, was over? What if we lived in a world where that woman, no matter her age, income, or status, was accommodated rather than resented? 

Because more than fifty million unborn children have been aborted over the last forty-three-years, we can’t know how society would have accommodated women if such a high number had continued with their pregnancies.

Had the unborn person not been viewed as disposable, the world would’ve had to adjust.

Our culture and our corporations would have had to accept that—guess what!—women sometimes grow new people in their bodies and it’s freakin’ amazing. And not only should we respect [that], but we as a society might want to help a sister out a little bit more because without happy, healthy women, society screeches to a halt.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world though. We live in a world where if you experience an unplanned pregnancy you are expected to work twice as hard to make up for you fertility. That child is not a blessing, it’s a burden. It’s not a person, it’s a problem. 

Because abortion is an option, when a woman doesn’t “choose” to terminate her pregnancy, by default she’s choosing to burden her employer, her partner, her community. 

And we hate her for it.

Abortion creates a world that is undeniably anti-woman. 

  • Whitney

    So this world existed and it sucked, this world you are describing is the world pre-Roe v. Wade. Employers didn’t accomodate pregnant women, those women lost their jobs. Poor women were hated and judged for having too many children, these women had to jusitfy their choices and still dealt with disaproving family or husbands. Women have always been pregnant and they have had babies in and out of wedlock, you honestly think society is now treating women like dirt because we can have abortions? Spare me this fanciful world you dream of, the conditions to create the world you speak of already existed and society did not value women or their children unless it fit their purposes. Can you truly expect to see something different when history has shown you this attitude is not a symptom of liberalizing abortion. Society always had the chance to treat women better or make better accomodations for women, it has not done so because women are not to put themselves first once they have children. You are expected to care for your child so why should they accomodate you when your place as a mother has already been created, you stay in the home and care for all dependant persons. I’m not against your idea, society should offer greater accomodation to women and men who wish to parent, but I don’t see this as an issue of abortion preventing society from doing this. Society dosen’t want to do this because that would mean soceity as a whole would have to take responsibilty for each other, we’d have to be ok with people getting welfare and for the government to take our taxes to pay for it. Government, corporations and pregnancy are not new and it is not abortion that makes the world anti-women. Society is anti-woman because all life is seen as a burden and women have been choosen to carry or care for that burden, abortion only allows a woman to not carry that life long burden. I’m not against children, pregnant women, or SAHM, merely pointing out the children, pregnant women, or dependant persons in general are only seen as a blessing when it suites the society and society has never seen fit to view all lives as blessings.