A Positive Pregnancy Test and How I Tried to “Wish” it All Away

The following story comes from Human Coalition – Pittsburgh.

I walked into my bathroom to see the two pink lines appearing on the pregnancy test. “No! I can’t be pregnant!” I thought to myself. I had just settled into a full-time job, my boyfriend didn’t want kids, and I didn’t have any health insurance. I was twenty-seven and had finally started to feel like my life was falling into place. 

I couldn’t believe it. I began to convince myself it wasn’t true—maybe if I tried hard enough, I could just wish this away.

With morning sickness and a changing body, I realized I couldn’t just do nothing. I was pregnant and I had to come up with a plan. Since I was a teenager I had known dozens of women who had “wished” their pregnancies away at abortion clinics. They thought they were getting rid of all of their problems, but what I continued to witness was that abortion actually created more problems. Because of this, I had sworn to myself I would never get an abortion.

But there I was, with the number for a clinic on my screen and my phone in hand. I was scared and alone and I thought I didn’t have a choice. I set up an appointment at the local abortion clinic for later that week.

I spent the rest of the week grieving what I was about to do. I remembered what abortion had done to my friends—fertility issues, depression, pain, regret. I knew it wouldn’t be good for me and my body, but I didn’t know what else to do.

At the end of the week, I pulled up to the abortion clinic. With a knot in my stomach, I walked towards the door. Just as I was about to reach for the door, a young man approached me and asked if I would like a free ultrasound. He pointed to a bus parked in the parking lot. It was colorful and professional and the man seemed so friendly, so I said yes.

He helped me on the bus and introduced me to the nurse who would be giving me the ultrasound. I filled out some paperwork and then sat down on the leather exam table for my ultrasound.

The nurse asked me what I was doing at the clinic and I told her I was planning on getting an abortion. I explained my situation and also shared my fears about the problems I thought abortion might cause for me down the road.

Nodding, she informed me about the risks of abortion. She told me things I never even knew, such as the link between abortion and breast cancer. I didn’t feel like she was trying to scare me into keeping my baby, instead I knew that she actually cared about my health and wellbeing. She gave me pamphlets I could take home and then we started the ultrasound.

I leaned back and the nurse put the ultrasound probe to my belly. I was already seven weeks pregnant and the baby had a heartbeat! The nurse showed me how big my baby was and explained how fast he would be growing in the coming weeks.

I was amazed by the child that was growing inside of me! The longer I looked at him, the more I realized that abortion wasn’t the right choice—It wasn’t the right choice for my baby and it wasn’t the right choice for me.

I’ve decided to keep my baby and I am due in a few months! I am so thankful for all of the information I was given on the mobile unit and the many ways my local pregnancy resource center has helped me throughout my pregnancy.

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