When Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Your Dreams

The following story comes from the Real Choices Pregnancy Medical Clinic in Grapevine, Texas.

Nervously, Stacy climbed the three steps that would take her from fear and confusion to hope and joy. She entered the Real Choices mobile unit and was greeted by the caring and compassionate staff.

Stacy shared of her fears of being pregnant and her struggle to care for her two children alone. She had recently lost her job and the father of the baby had just left her. He didn’t want anything to do with her or the baby and had been urging her to get an abortion.

She could not imagine being responsible for a third child. Before she got pregnant, she had dreams of getting another job and going back to school. She had convinced herself that she couldn’t pursue her plans while also being a mom.

After hearing about all of the resources her counselor could provide, Stacy realized having a baby would not mean she had to leave her goals and dreams behind. Her counselor continued by explaining the negative emotional impact an abortion could have on her and her children. Stacy confessed she was already worried she wouldn’t be able to handle the grief.

The nurse then performed an ultrasound—the image of her baby was all Stacy needed to make her choice. She was so thankful for all of the information and resources the counselor gave her and for the chance to see the image of her baby.

Stacy has decided to have her baby and begin her prenatal care. She is excited and empowered as she faces the future with support from her friends at Real Choices.

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