Tamara’s Story

The following story comes from Gulf Coast Storks in Southwest Florida.

With my husband and I both working and managing our three children, the thought of another child at the moment was just too overwhelming to consider. So when I missed my menstrual cycle, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive. I thought it must be a mistake – I took my birth control pill faithfully. But a second test confirmed it and I told my husband later than night.

We were both silent.

I knew we were thinking the same thing – abortion. We were Christians and both had deep convictions about abortion, but we just could not see how we could manage another child with everything going on right now. We wanted and planned to have another child – just not now.  

When we arrived at the abortion clinic, I immediately felt very sick. I wasn’t prepared to see people outside the clinic holding signs. As we entered the parking lot, we read signs that said, “Pray to End Abortion” and “If You Believe, Leave.” I couldn’t believe that I was the woman reading these signs. I was the woman who was about to abort a child.

As I was walking towards the clinic, I saw a woman who was standing by a very large blue van, which was covered in images of storks carrying babies. Just before I opened the door of the clinic, she approached me and offered me information, saying it was important for me to make an informed decision. I was so embarrassed, so I told her I was there for my annual well-woman exam, not an abortion. I took the pamphlets she handed me anyway.

Once inside, I paused to look over the brochures. Was I ready to make an informed decision? I told the clinic receptionist I needed a few minutes to process.

As I walked out the door, the woman caught my eye again. In a kind voice, she said, “Honey, I know you aren’t here for an annual exam.” I was taken aback, but was relieved. She said, “I know you are torn and struggling. Maybe I can help.”

I began to cry, and my husband and I followed her into the blue van. I explained all my fears and why I felt like I couldn’t have this baby. She just listened and kept handing me tissues. She was very quiet as I talked. When I was finished, one by one she addressed the pros and cons of all my concerns and asked about my faith and beliefs.

She offered me a free ultrasound, but I had already had one. She offered me resources that would help me with my pregnancy, but my husband and I didn’t need them.

What I really needed was someone to walk through my fears with and remind me of what is important and good. She helped me see that I was really being oppressed by fear – I had forgotten the many promises of God.

She asked me if the Lord had ever left me or forsaken me, and of course, I answered that He had not. She then prayed over me, stating His promises and the gift of His sacrifice for me, my husband, children and the baby I was carrying. She reminded me that our plan is not His plan and that God is the author of all life. 

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