Three Decades Later, Abortion Still Hurts

The following story comes from the Horizon Pregnancy Clinic in Huntington Beach, CA.

A woman named Mary approached our mobile unit, wondering what we did. I explained that we love abortion vulnerable women by giving them resources and support during the moment of decision and beyond. She immediately thanked me for being a blessing to women in that situation. 

Mary went on to tell me that she was forty-five years old and wasn’t pregnant, but that she had felt drawn to come into the bus today. She shared that she works for her brother’s plumbing business and was feeling sick so she left early. As she was driving home, she saw the van and decided she had to turn around and come back to talk with us.

I invited her to come into the bus and look around. As she walked on, her expression grew weary and regretful. Mary shared that she had an abortion when she was sixteen-years-old. Almost three decades have passed and she still regrets her decision. She had a daughter three years later, who has always reminded her of the child she would never meet.

She said, “My mother and father always told me not to get pregnant. They even drove me to get the abortion.” She said that she never knew she had any other options.


Mary saw that we had a table displaying first trimester baby models. She asked me if she could see an eight week model. She cried when she held the little figure in her hands. I invited Mary to have a seat, where she agreed to pray with us.

We discussed post-abortion recovery and I gave her information about upcoming programs. Through tears, Mary said, “I’m forty-five and am still crying over my abortion from so long ago.” Mary told us that after she heals from her abortion, she would love to volunteer for Horizon Pregnancy Clinic.

As she was leaving, she said, “It was a divine appointment that I stopped by here today, thank you!”

Meeting with Mary reminded me that our ministry isn’t just toward pregnant women, rather we are here to love and serve anyone who has been affected by abortion.

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