Tim Tebow and Jimmy Fallon Talk About the Value of Life on the Tonight Show and You’ll Probably Cry

Live Action News — Every year, the Tim Tebow Foundation sponsors Night to Shine, a prom designed to celebrate people with disabilities and give them an unforgettable night. In 2017, 75,000 guests attended Night to Shine in 375 churches located in 11 countries. 150,000 others volunteered to ensure the event was pulled off with perfection.Popular country band Rascal Flatts made a new song, “Night to Shine,” for the occasion:

Last week, Tebow appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about Night to Shine. The 29-year-old former NFL quarterback and current Mets prospect called it his “favorite night of the year.” Fallon and Tebow also had a surprise in store for a very special guest in the audience that night. Judy Adams, who has Down syndrome, was overjoyed when Tebow came to get her from the crowd, asking her to dance with him.

Tebow, known for his advocacy for orphans, children with illnesses, and people with disabilities around the world, was featured in a 2010 Super Bowl ad. Millions of viewers visited Focus on the Family‘s website, where they could read the whole story of how Tebow’s mother, Pam, rejected an abortion while pregnant with him. PEOPLE reports that he is “the result of a very difficult pregnancy,” quoting Tebow as he discussed the story and his life now:

“For a while, they didn’t even know if I was a baby; they thought I might be a tumor. So my brothers used to call me ‘Timmy the Tumor’ when I was little. Because of course they did; that’s what brothers do.” …

“But, you know, miracles happen every day, and I turned out healthy. That’s sort of what my [charity] work is all about: helping people find those miracles.”

Six-year-old Avita Grace is one miracle child who was saved from abortion after her mother saw the Tebows’ commercial and read their story.

Tebow explains why he lives out compassion for others through his life choices and the work of his Tim Tebow Foundation: “To me, it’s especially important to have a heart for kids who are hurting. Being able to make a difference is something that people should love…”

In a word with far too many screaming matches, Tim Tebow lives out the reality that every human being is a person, deserving of celebration.