Touching Pro-Life Short Film Shows the Inherent Value of All Life

“City of Saints,” a mini-documentary film series featuring seven true stories, just released its fourth episode, entitled “The Unexpected Gift.” The episode follows a young mom as she shares her journey through teen pregnancy.

Just after telling her parents, the expecting teen went to her first ultrasound appointment, to learn that her son likely wouldn’t live through birth, and if he did that he would have severe deformities.

Many teenagers in Jake’s mom’s position would have bought into the lie that abortion is the only option. Thankfully, she was supported by a strong community and family who ensured that they would be by her side.

After months of hoping and praying, Jake was successfully delivered and has been an “incredible gift” to the family ever since.

Jake’s grandfather says, “I don’t think God ever became more real for us than when Jake was born. Jake has totally transformed our family.”

Unfortunately, the story of Jake’s family is not the prevailing narrative when it comes to pre-natal diagnoses.

According to this article, every year, 133,000 women will receive a “poor pre-natal diagnosis,” indicating that their child is “afflicted with a chromosomal abnormality or a serious defect in a vital organ.”

90% of these pregnancies ended in abortion.

This film points to the inherent value of all life, even when it may not be convenient, easy, or expected.

Jake’s mother speaks to this by saying, “No matter what his physical body will be like on earth, he has a whole soul. His soul is whole. It’s whole while it’s here on earth and it’s going to be whole when he’s in heaven.”

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