How Turning Up the Volume Could Have Saved My Son’s Life

By Save the Storks ambassador Ashley Flores.

I have another son. His name is Evan.

Everyone who frequents my little space of the cyber world knows that I am completely enthralled with my precious Felicity Grace and David Alexander. Their very existence brings a joy to my life that cannot be compared to any other feeling I have ever experience. I don’t worship them, but they have created another way for me to worship Him.

But I will never forget my first son. Evan. The son who I never met, even though his presence will always be felt.

In 2008, his father and I made a decision fueled by confusion, fear and selfishness to end his life before he was ever given the chance to fully have one.

As I listen to my children laugh today, I wonder what his laugh would’ve sounded like. I wonder which one of us he would’ve taken after. He would be eight-years-old by now.

Wow. Eight. He would be a big brother.


I wonder how different my life would be, if when we took that drive to Florida the nurse would have let me hear his heartbeat.

You do know that most abortion clinics don’t let you see the ultrasound or hear the heartbeat, right? They feel that could be too traumatic for the “patient.” Traumatic? Or hindering? I mean, how many clinics want someone holding up the line because she heard the life inside of her, full and strong and vibrant and alive?

I wonder what his heartbeat would’ve sounded like and if I would have immediately jumped up from the table and told his father I couldn’t go through with it. Could you?

If you have a similar story from your past, or if this is currently your present, how would your heart change if you heard your baby’s heartbeat? No, I didn’t say “fetus” or some other term that has been misused to dehumanize a life.

It’s a child. A baby. A life.

Did you know that 64% of post-abortive women felt pressured by others to abort? Through their network of pregnancy resource centers, Save the Storks provides women with a support system when they feel alone.

They don’t force women to change their mind, or condemn them if they still choose abortion. Instead, they give women all of their options, not just the one that will support the billion dollar abortion industry.

Yes, I’m pro-choice. Not the “pro-choice” that says abortion is your only option. But the “pro-choice” that actually gives women real choices

I choose Christ. And He chooses life.

As a woman who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy and turned to abortion, I support Save the Storks. I am passionate about the mission they are currently on to “save the storks”–by allowing men and women the opportunity to receive a free ultrasound to hear their beautiful child, by taking them by the hand and tangibly help them should they choose to give that child the gift of taking their first breath.

Will you support them too?

For just $30 a month how you can help break the silence, turn up the volume on those ultrasounds, and save kids just like my Evan.