How Abortion Robbed me of Fatherhood

This true story was submitted to us via social media. The author wishes to remain anonymous. 

Over the spring and summer of 2003, I was an eighteen year old who was smitten by a recent college grad. We met by happenstance at a social gathering and really hit things off. I was head over heels for her and our relationship grew deeper as summer progressed.

Then one day without warning, she decided she wanted to end the relationship.

I was hurt, but I respected her wishes. A few months later I had decided to pursue a stint in the military, something I had dreamed of since I was a kid. After I completed boot camp and was nearing the end of my “A” school, I received a call from the woman who broke my heart.

She told me that she had joined the military as well (different branch) and that she was actually getting married the following week.

I congratulated her and told her I was happy for her. She said that she needed to tell me something before she got married otherwise she couldn’t get married with a clean conscious.

That was when she revealed to me that we had gotten pregnant together.

She also told me that is why she broke off our relationship and proceeded to have an abortion. She justified it because she thought I wasn’t ready to have that level of commitment. I explained to her that she should have spoken to me at the time and allowed me to have a say. I also told her that I forgave her and wished here and her new husband a happy future.

Since then, the thought of that child crosses my mind a lot. I now have a great marriage and two wonderful kids, but I sometimes wonder what the kid that I didn’t have a chance with would be like.

My only consolation is that I pray the Lord will perhaps allow me to meet that child in heaven one day. I also pray for the girl that crushed a part of my life. I do not hold ill feelings for her.

I can’t help but think that she has a similar hole in her heart as well and that we will always be connected in that way.