Vice President Pence’s Latest Speech on the Sanctity of Human Life and Why You Need to Hear It…

Last Friday, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the “Focus on the Family” 40th Anniversary Celebration in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His speech centered around the sanctity of human life and the celebration that “life is winning in American again.”

Abortion has taken center stage in political and ethical conversations in a way that it hasn’t in many years. Planned Parenthood is being exposed left and right for their profit motivated abortion business. Many Americans are wondering what might happen if the organization loses government funding. And still, every thirty seconds, a human life is ended through abortion.

Thankfully Pence took some time to highlight the major ways in which the movement of life is winning, despite these seemingly tumultuous times.

He points out that “life is winning through the steady advance of science that illuminates when life really begins.” He also highlights the many individuals who have championed life by providing resources to women in need, such as adoptive families or volunteers at pregnancy resource centers.

He ends by saying that “Life is winning in America, in a word, because of all of you.” And he is right.

Life is winning because of love, compassion, and action. Life is winning because of individuals who respond to women in unexpected pregnancies with resources and support, not judgement and shame.

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