Father of Boy with Similar Condition to Charlie Gard: “If We Lived in the UK Our Son Would be Dead”

But now, at the end of their legal battle, the courts have decided to allow the hospital to choose what’s best for Charlie, which, in their opinion, is to turn off his life support.

Estopinan said that he is grateful to be in the United States, because if he had been in Britain like Charlie, he believes his son would be dead.

“We feel very fortunate to be American and not British–because if we lived in the UK, Arturito would surely be dead by now. We are beyond shocked that doctors in the UK are saying Charlie should ‘die with dignity’,” Estopinan told The Sun in April 2017. “How insensitive when there is a treatment which could save Charlie’s life and eminent doctors in the US who are willing to help him.”

Like Charlie’s parents, doctors told Estopinan and his wife that there was no treatment or cure available for their son, who was born seemingly healthy until he was about 14-months-old. Arturito was originally believed to have the flu, but after being admitted to the hospital, he was placed on a ventilator and his health began to further decline.

“Like Chris and Connie, we too desperately scoured the internet and eventually after stumbled across the nucleoside drug therapy,” said Estopinan. “There was no guarantee it would work. But after being told by so many doctors there was nothing we could do at all, it was hope. We were also warned that these medications might cause side effects, but as Arturito’s only alternative was death we didn’t see any harm in trying it.”

The parents saw a change in Arturito within three months.

“Before the therapy he’d been unable to move his fingers or toes but after several months he could move his hands and feet,” said Estopinan. “He was more alert and awake. It was amazing to see our little boy coming back to us. There were no side effects either and after a year on the experimental medications he was well enough to come home.”

Six years later, Arturito continues to get stronger and he is able to communicate with head movements and clicks of his tongue. He has regained strength in his muscles and is now able to smile again. Arturito enjoys trips to the zoo, to Broadway shows, to the beach, and to the movies.

“Nobody can deny the miracle that is before our eyes,” said Olga Estonian.

Despite the proof that the experimental nucleoside bypass therapy has helped Arturito and others, the courts in the UK sided with the doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital where Charlie is currently on life-support. Doctors were orginally going to end Charlie’s life-support on June 30, 2017, but after refusing his parents’ last wish to bring him home to die, have decided to give Yates and Gard more time with their son.



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