Pregnant in College–How My Son Has Taught Me More Than I Could Ever Imagine

My husband and I started dating the day after we graduated high school. He packed his bags two months later to follow his dreams on a scholarship to play college football and I followed mine as a starting freshman for women’s golf.

We both had big dreams and a year later we were more determined than ever to fulfill them. Then when we found out that we were pregnant with a baby boy!

Our family and friends were shocked but very happy and supportive.

We both continued to work on our relationship, plan for the baby, and attend school. As a soon-to-be mother I played golf, made the dean’s list as a pre-med student, managed a non-profit organization (as the founder and president), lead the pre-dental club at my college, and remained the head coordinator of American Red Cross blood drives on my campus.

My husband and I got married in college and he supported all of my volunteer work, often volunteering with me, and worked full-time while attending school. We both just graduated in May 2017.

My son didn’t ruin my life, he pushed us towards a different path and brought light to our lives.

He taught us to manage our time better and to love our family more. Our son has taught us more than we could ever imagine. We went from being selfish college students, trying to make our way in the world, to being selfless parents that managed our time around this beautiful human being.

We moved to Boston one month after graduating college. Here I am attending Tufts University School of Dental Medicine after graduating honors with a BS in biology and my husband is working in commercial real estate after graduating from the Kelley School of Business.

Our son is our best friend. Our family is a team. If anything, this amazing little boy is the reason for our success.

This story isn’t about success, it is about life. And with life, all things are possible.

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This true story was submitted to us by Chrislyn F.