Woman Commits Suicide Just Hours After Having an Abortion — A Tragedy That Can’t be Ignored

Live Action News — Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life has reported via Facebook that a woman who had an abortion at Planned Parenthood in Kansas committed suicide hours after the abortion was completed.

The deaths of mother and child took place in late June 2017. This double tragedy serves as a heartbreaking reminder that women who have abortions suffer the emotional effects either moments after or even years after the abortion.

Gietzen’s statement reads:

You will not hear this on the news, because the family does not want to talk about it publicly. Unfortunately, we have now confirmed that a beautiful, bright, 20-year-old Wichita girl, named Alishia, who was a potential KCFL client since about June 2nd, ended up having an abortion at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas, and then killed herself with a gunshot to her own head, later that same day in late June…

Gietzen explains that Alishia had been estranged from her family due to a drug addiction and was homeless. While she didn’t know who the father of her child was, Alishia expressed that she wanted to be a mother, but she was afraid that her baby had already been hurt by her drug use — an issue that an OB-GYN could likely have helped Alishia deal with in a life-affirming way.

Studies show that women who have abortions are six to seven times more likely to commit suicide. Post-abortion syndrome is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. Symptoms can include guilt, anxiety, avoidance of pregnant woman, depression, inability to bond with future children, eating disorders, alcohol and drug use, thoughts of suicide, and suicide.

The abortion industry hides this information in order to protect its own interests, but the truth is that abortion takes not only the life of a child but negatively affects the mother for the rest of her life. Signs of post-abortion syndrome can occur immediately or years after the abortion.

“I am posting this to urge everyone to understand how heavily the abortion decision weighs on the mind of a young mother, and to urge you to be supportive of the efforts of The Kansas Coalition for Life, to stop abortion by offering meaningful help to those mothers who are considering an abortion,” wrote Geitzen. “Please keep Alishia, and others like her, in your prayers.”

This article originally appeared on Live Action News and was written by Nancy Flanders.