This YouTuber Gets Emotional After Learning Her Video Saved a Life

Jordan Cheyenne, is a popular YouTuber who vlogs about relationships, fitness, and her life as a young, single mom. Jordan speaks openly with her fans about her journey through motherhood, sharing that it’s the most rewarding thing she’s ever done.

Last month, she posted a video entitled “Calling off the abortion.” She explains that a week prior she had posted a Q&A video about relationships and dating as a single mom. The last question she answered was “How do you know if something is real love?”

She said as soon as someone asked her that question she immediately thought of Christian, her four-year-old son. She answered the question by saying, “How I know that real love exists is because I had a child and I felt a kind of love I’ve never felt in my life before… I didn’t even know my heart or body was capable of loving someone so much until I had my little guy.”

This emotional answer about her son had an impact she could have never imagined. A day or two after she posted her Q&A video, she received a Snapchat video from a fan that said, “Jordan, I just want to let you know that you just saved a life.”

The fan went on to explain that her friend found out she was pregnant and that, because of pressure from her boyfriend, she was going to have an abortion. However, after hearing Jordan talk about her love for her son, the girl changed her mind and decided to keep her baby!

Jordan said, “It’s so crazy to even think that my video may have even been a super, super small part in someone making such a big life decision like that. It’s overwhelming to think about. The power of social media is just crazy.” 

She goes on to encourage her fans to share their own stories on social media and to use their platforms to help other people.


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