When a Woman Is Pressured Into Abortion, It Is Not a Choice At All

Last week, a young girl name Samantha* came into the center looking to confirm her pregnancy. She was still in high school and had been driven to the center by her grandmother, who, I quickly noticed, was doing all the talking.

Samantha sat back quietly as her grandmother asked questions about abortion. It was as though she had already decided that abortion was the fate of Samantha’s child. She asked about the risks of abortions and where they could go to get one. I explained that while we didn’t refer out for abortions, we could provide nearly endless resources for Samantha’s pregnancy or adoption and classes and counseling, regardless of her decision.

While I confirmed the pregnancy, the center’s counselor took Samantha back to the counseling room. The moment I told Samantha that she was definitely pregnant, she exclaimed that, despite what other people wanted her to do, she could not and would not kill her child. She believed that the best option was adoption.


I told her based on her last menstrual period, she was likely seven weeks pregnant and we could do an ultrasound and likely hear her baby’s heartbeat. She eagerly boarded our Stork Mobile Medical Unit to receive the ultrasound.

Samantha and her grandmother watched as the screen turned on, revealing a healthy baby with a clear heartbeat. I was able to show them the yolk sac and how long the baby was measuring. It was wonderful to see the expressions on both of their faces as I explained the amazing things that were taking place in Samantha’s body.

Watching her child on the screen, Samantha became emotional. As she wiped tears from her eyes, she told us that while she already loves her baby, she wasn’t ready to raise a child. She decided adoption would allow her baby to have the best life possible.

I was able to put her in touch with a woman who is knowledgeable about adoption and could help mentor her through the process. They spoke on the phone and set up a time to meet for lunch the next day.

I asked Samantha if she wanted a picture of her baby and she said yes. When I handed her the image she smiled and held it to her heart.

This interaction reminded me of the vital role pregnancy resource centers play in the lives of so many. Every day, women are being pressured into choosing abortion, when what they truly need is a safe place where they can receive help and resources at no cost.

Because, when a woman is being pressured to choose abortion, it is no choice at all. I am thankful to play a small part in helping women like Samantha have a real choice.


*name changed due to confidentiality

This story comes from our affiliate, First Option Care in Thomasville, Georgia.