Here’s Why Women in Texas Need Real Help – Not Free Abortions

Whole Woman’s Health is a network of abortion clinics across the state of Texas. You may remember hearing about them before – they’re the ones who fought HB2 in Texas that required abortion clinics to [trigger warning] adhere to basic health clinic standards, asked all abortion clinics to comply with standards for ambulatory surgical centers, and required the physicians performing the abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of where the abortion was performed.

They took their fight all the way to the Supreme Court (Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt) and won, leaving women seeking abortions in Texas less safe in the process and ensuring that the state wouldn’t be reduced to the only seven or eight complying abortion clinics.

Now they’re at it again, offering free abortions and transportation to their network of abortion clinics for women who’ve been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

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The controversial abortion chain has a long history of violations that put in jeopardy the health of their patients ranging from lack of proper sterilization of abortion instruments to a lack of qualified medical staff to rusty suction machines and unlabeled medications.

But they’ll have us believe, through their name and their “generous” offer of free abortions, that they actually care about women and their health. The fact that so many of their clinics closed when the new safety and health regulations were enforced, rather than complying, speaks more loudly than their name about the “care” they provide women.

Once again we see the single-mindedness of the abortion movement — that the best and only option for women in crisis and in unplanned pregnancies is abortion.

As the rest of the nation rallies by sending people, supplies, food, and housing to offset the devastation in Texas (and is preparing to do so again for Florida as Irma steadily makes her way in), Whole Woman’s Health, ironically, isn’t showing care for the whole woman. They don’t appear to care about women and the type of help they actually need at all. They’re using a natural disaster that has devastated an entire city to push their abortion agenda… in the name of helping people.

Because what women really need in the wake of a natural disaster that has destroyed their homes is abortion.

Their solution to disaster and devastation? More disaster and devastation.

On the other hand, pro-life groups are rallying to truly help people. New Wave Feminists raised thousands of dollars to deliver tampons and pads to women displaced from Houston to Dallas. Save the Storks is raising money to help rebuild two pregnancy centers that closed after their buildings were flooded. Neighbors helped neighbors even as the flood waters rose higher and higher. Dozens of charities are collecting money and material goods to provide assistance to the million people who’ve been displaced. And the best Whole Woman’s Health can offer is abortion.

We’ve said this so many times and we’ll continue to say it till we’re blue in the face or until it changes: At the end of the day it isn’t about choice, it’s about one “choice.” It’s about abortion. It’s about preying on women’s fears to promote a lucrative agenda. It’s true that the abortions are free, but when people need abortion in the future, who will come to mind as the obvious provider? Whole Woman’s Health.

It’s time to end the facade that abortion providers care about women. They care about abortion. And the fact that they’ll use anything — including a natural disaster that’s already claimed the lives of 70 people — to further promote their agenda of death is sickening.



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