After Sending a Letter to Her Birth Mother, Becca Meets the Family She Never Knew

For seven years my parents tried to have a child both naturally and then through adoption. Seven years of excruciating medical treatments, mountains of paperwork, and indescribable loss. Then, miraculously, when my cousin, who is a few months older than me was born, the nurse in his hospital room told my parents that she knew of a 15-year-old girl considering adoption.

This was the catalyst of it all.

My interstate adoption was arranged privately, and I was placed in my parents arms at two days old. However, it was not until I was 15-months-old that the adoption was legally finalized.

I’ve never once questioned that my adoptive parents are my parents–that it was and has always been God’s plan for me to be their daughter. In fact, I apparently told them as soon as I learned to speak that God and my paternal grandfather (who had passed away shortly before I was born and whom I hadn’t yet been told about) sent me to them.

Fast forward 17 years–I had always had a distant curiosity about my birth mother, Annie, and her family. I finally felt the need to find out more. We had little information about her, but my parents were extremely willing and supportive to help me learn more, despite the fact that we had no idea what we would find.

I wrote a letter to the only address we had, and found out a few weeks later that it had been received by Annie’s brother. He forwarded my letter to her a few states away, and we were all instantaneously welcomed–a missing puzzle piece fitting perfectly back into its place.

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We all met that summer, and everyone’s individual stories and perspectives kept pouring out, filling all the gaps.

I actually have little memory of this first meeting, probably because I was so overwhelmed, but I remember distinctly, my birth Grandmother, Barbara, telling me that she had always referred to me as her “Angel,” and handing me an overstuffed Christmas stocking filled with ornaments and cards that she had saved for me every single year.

I now decorate my own little tree with each and every ornament.

Since we first met, I’ve been honored that both Annie and Barbara have attended both my high school and college graduations. At my college graduation, Annie shared she was engaged, which we were all able to celebrate together.

Then, a few months later, I received a text message that I was going to have a baby sister. I burst into tears instantly, I’d never thought in addition to the blessing of meeting and knowing my birth family that I would also have the blessing of having a sister.

This photo shows my first meeting with the most beautiful baby girl in the entire world, my sister, Basil.

I cannot describe the extent of the miracle that adoption has been for me and for all of us, and I am forever grateful. I will graduate from law school next year with the hope of practicing adoption law and helping others through the amazing process that I owe my entire life to.”

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This story was shared with us via our My Story page and was written by Becca Brusca.