Our Culture Tolerates Everything, But This Time Lives Are On The Line…

The practice of tolerance is essential to a peaceful society. Tolerance is defined as “A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one’s own.”

Indeed, without deference towards the beliefs and opinions of others—even when we believe them to be incorrect—our world would be in a frantic state of pandemonium at all times. Tolerance is the appropriate response to world views that, although perhaps misguided, do not directly breed violence or harm to another’s well being.

But just as tolerance of morally neutral outlooks is critical to a healthy society, so also is intolerance of certain acts and attitudes.

Intolerance of threats to national security, for example, or intolerance of the president turning into a dictator, ensure that the exercise of freedom remains unencumbered. A healthy society probably practices a balance of tolerance and intolerance—to maintain peace.

Since tolerance sounds so great, why does it become so harmful when we speak of abortion?

The abortion industry has tried, desperately, to enshrine tolerance of elective abortion in the minds of all by insisting that opposition to abortion is intolerance of women’s rights. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, those who tolerate abortion betray women—not just the unborn females victimized by the act, but also the countless women who are lied to by an abortion industry that tells them abortion will solve their problems.

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Unfortunately, abortion just creates more problems. Tolerating abortion just isn’t something we should be willing to tolerate. But it’s easy to lose sight of this when mainstream thought is inundated by a tolerance playbook that upends objective truths at every turn.

Killing is wrong, they will say, but not when the life is still inside of and dependent on its mother. Confusing objective realities is toxic to any human rights movement.

Pro-slavery propaganda acknowledged that enslaving other humans was wrong but decided to qualify slaves as sub-human in order to fit their purposely-skewed worldview. The tolerance movement, likewise, circumvents inconvenient moral truths with outlandish qualifications and then demands deference for their harmful version of reality in the name of tolerance.


Throwing around the idea of “tolerance” as a universal good may be popular in the modern mainstream, but in any justice pursuit (like the pro-life movement), there must be a line of demarcation between right and wrong.

Let us never abandon the women and pre-born children who are counting on us. We can’t simply tolerate abortion—we must meet this injustice head on with love, compassion, and action.

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