Do Pro-Lifers Care Too Much About Abortion?

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A common charge that is brought against pro-life advocates is that they are too obsessed with abortion. In a way, it is an understandable reaction. The abortion issue is very uncomfortable for a lot of people, so it’s not surprising that most do not want to hear about it very often. The common feeling is that it is talked about too much and made to be more of an issue than it should be. The attitude of some people is: “What’s the big deal?”

If you have been engaged in the dialogue surrounding abortion long enough, you’ve probably heard the saying: “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.” This trite saying has become a favorite for many abortion-minded people and can be seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts, graphics, and other places. Some feel that this statement should end the discussion.

If abortion is just a matter of preference, then they are right. If choosing to be pro-life or pro-choice has no more significance than choosing to drive a Ford or a Chevy, then our activism is meaningless and we’re wasting our time. If that is the case, then we should leave the abortion issue alone and just refuse to have abortions ourselves. But is that really all that is at stake?

What we need to address is whether abortion is really just a matter of taste, or if it is a matter of life and death. If it is just about personal preference, then the consequences of abortion are not very sinister; if human beings are in fact losing their lives because of abortion, it becomes infinitely more serious.

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The stakes are much higher than the bumper sticker would lead you to believe.

The science of embryology makes it clear that life begins at conception — any embryology textbook can tell you that. Since that is the case, the issue then becomes centered around what exactly that life is. Clearly, humans can’t produce non-humans. So if the unborn has human parents, then she must indeed be human. Abortion is therefore ending the life of a human being.

The reason that pro-life advocates dedicate so much time, energy, money, and resources to ending abortion is not just because we don’t like abortion; it is because we believe that the lives of millions of children, and the well-being of their precious mothers are in danger. This is a much deeper issue than just personal likes and dislikes. It truly is a matter of life and death.

If we really believe that an abortion kills a human being, it should definitely motivate us to rescue people from it. Because of this, pro-lifers do not care too much about abortion, for it is impossible to care too deeply about the sanctity of life.

Yes, the discussion does make people uncomfortable, but sometimes the discussions that are the most uncomfortable are also the most worthwhile. Standing up for the defenseless requires that we surrender the complacency we have grown so used to, but if we really value life as we say we do, then the sacrifice will always be worth it.

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