3,000 Lives Will Be Taken Today — Here’s What You Need to Know…

Did you know that nearly 3,000 abortions take place daily in the United States?

Intentionally, 3,000 lives will be taken today.

This morning, 3,000 women woke up, drove or were driven to the abortion clinic, and walked inside to terminate the lives of their unborn children.

You may see them as heartless, cold, unfeeling. The reality often is that they have a million thoughts and feelings swirling around in their heads and no one sat down to listen and talk them through their options. In fact, 84% of women who’ve had abortions said they received insufficient counseling on their other options.

Those cold, heartless, unfeeling women you see? They’re really confused, scared, and worried.

They’re worried about how they’re going to feed and take care of the children they already had. They’re scared because their husband or boyfriend just walked out on them and they don’t know how they’re going to manage. They’re confused because they have their whole life ahead of them and a baby didn’t factor into their plans.

They’re deceived because they are told the fetus inside them isn’t even really a baby yet.

These are the majority of women in America who will have abortions today. Three thousand of them. Not quite the picture of empowered, confident, and self-sufficient women you hear portrayed in the media, huh?

Help us empower women today!

So if this is the case, why don’t we offer the best we can when it comes to resources, help, a listening ear, and hope? Why are they sold a solitary option as the best option?

Three thousand women, today, are having abortions–many as I type and as you read these words.

What are you going to do about it?

Supporting our life-affirming work means you’re helping us place Stork Buses on the road in communities all over America to offer women options, resources, and hope. Financial assistance. Material supplies. Emotional support. A quiet place to process their thoughts.

And you can be part of their story, too. For $30/month you can be part of saving lives and transforming culture into one that values life, both inside and outside the womb.

Whether we are parked outside an abortion clinic or not is literally a matter of life and death. Your gift of $30 or more per month helps us go where the women are to offer free resources and hope where there is none.

3,000 lives will end today. What are you doing about it?