Inspiring Pro-Life Video — “I Wouldn’t Be Alive If I Wasn’t Adopted”

It would be easy to mistake this family’s home for a gathering of the United Nations. That’s because they represent four different continents all under one roof!

While many families choose to adopt, this family is unique in that they’ve chosen to adopt children with special needs from around the world.

And they’ve invited us to take a glimpse into their incredible story.

We hope you watch this and feel as inspired as we did. Anything worth doing is going to be hard. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard. Healing after an abortion is hard. Choosing to adopt is hard.

But people who do hard things – who push through challenges and setbacks and pursue what’s truly good – are the ones who often leave the greatest impact on the world.

We hope this family’s story encourages you to embrace that hard thing in your life so you, too, can make an impact on others.

Do you have a story of adoption? Share your story with us so you can be an inspiration to others!