Mila Kunis Donated To Planned Parenthood In Vice President Mike Pence’s Name

Last Thursday, actress Mila Kunis told Conan O’Brien that she donated monthly to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence’s name.

When asked if it was a prank, she explained, “It’s not so much a prank as much as I disagreed with some of the stuff that Pence was doing and was trying to do.” So every month, Pence’s office gets a card that says that someone has made an anonymous donation in his name. The actress called it a “peaceful protest.”

Meanwhile, pro-lifers are responding with their own creative ideas. People are boycotting Jim Bean, the company Kunis is a spokesperson for. Others are donating to pro-life groups in honor of Mike Pence. Some are donating to the National Rifle Association in honor of Mila Kunis.


While Kunis did this to protest the defunding of Planned Parenthood, it only further proved that the abortion provider doesn’t need government funding. In fact, Kunis is just one of many people who have donated to Planned Parenthood in Pence’s name—according to The Cut, the count as of last December was 82,000 donations.

Celebrities like Kunis have bought into the lie that Planned Parenthood is a necessity when it comes to women’s health care. You would assume they would be, since they receive over a half a billion dollars in government funding. .

Before you send your next donation to Planned Parenthood, here are some baffling numbers to consider, taken straight from PP’s 2014-2015 annual report:

  • Planned Parenthood performed 271,539 Pap tests out of 28.1 million tests nationwide. That’s less than 1% of the nation’s Pap tests.
  • Planned Parenthood performed 363,803 clinical breast exams (these are not mammograms) out of 20 million exams nationwide. Planned Parenthood’s U.S. market share for clinical breast exams is 1.8%.
  • Planned Parenthood’s market share in the nation’s mammograms is 0.0%. Meaning, no, they do not provide any mammograms… at all. 

So clearly, Planned Parenthood contributes very little to the women’s health. What they do contribute to, however, is our nation’s rising death toll as a result of abortion. With a 34.9% market share in the abortion industry, it’s pretty clear Planned Parenthood is in the business of abortion.


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