Sandra Bullock Will Star as the “Abortion Barbie” in a New Pro-Choice Film

These days it’s hard to find a space in which Hollywood isn’t trying to push their political agenda, especially regarding the issue of abortion. Actress Sandra Bullock has largely managed to stay out of the political sphere, but unfortunately, those days are over.

Last Thursday, news was announced that Bullock will play the former pro-abortion senator, Wendy Davis, in the upcoming film entitled “Let Her Speak.”

Davis, a former Texas state senator, gained notoriety among abortion advocates when she famously filibustered a 20-week abortion ban back in 2013. Her eleven-hour filibuster took the state Senate into recess until then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry called a legislative session which completed the passage of the bill.

Regardless, of her lack of success, Davis became a darling of abortion proponents and was even nicknamed the “Abortion Barbie.”

The movie will center around the June day in 2013 when Davis took the floor to defend the necessity and legality of abortions after 20 weeks. Pro-abortion advocates like Davis have painted the 20-week ban as “extreme” and “unpopular.”

However, this ban is actually one thing most Americans can agree upon. According to a recent Marist poll, almost 6 in 10 Americans (59 percent) supported this legislation. It’s also not “extreme,” especially since only seven other countries in the world–including North Korea and China–still allow elective abortions at this point in the pregnancy.

Banning abortion when a child can feel pain is definitely not extreme. But what is extreme is making a feature length film about an abortion advocate’s failed attempt to keep a pro-life bill from passing.


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