This Viral Video Shows the Raw and Beautiful Parts of the Adoption Process

It’s been a little over a year since Genesis Media Solutions posted Matt and Katie’s moving adoption story. It’s been passed around the internet ever since and collectively has over five millions views. This couple’s beautiful story has been an inspiration to many.


Adoption is an emotional process for everyone involved. This story shows some of the more raw moments — from waiting, to telling family and friends, to finally being together as a little family of three.

While adoptive parents like Matt and Katie are heroes, it’s also so important to remember the heroes on the other side who make adoption possible, especially birthmothers.

In a culture that sells abortion as freedom, women who choose life and place their children up for adoption are an incredible example of selflessness and sacrifice.

3 out of 5 post-abortive women said they were pressured into their abortions. This pressure could take the form of unsupportive families and partners, a lack of resources, and a profit driven abortion industry.

According to Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report, the organization provided 323,999 abortions and only 2,024 adoption referrals. That means for every 160 abortions performed, only 1 adoption referral was given.

With women facing this kind of pressure and a society that frames abortion as glorified “women’s rights,” it’s vital that we celebrate adoption stories like this and acknowledge the sacrifice and love it takes from everyone involved.

Check out Lilly’s adoption story below to witness the incredible love this birthmother has for her daughter.



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