Woman Cries When She Realizes Abortion Doctor Lied — “Wait! There’s a Heartbeat!?”

Abby drove toward the abortion clinic for the second time in four months. How could this be happening again?

She had to keep reminding herself it was just a “clump of cells.” It really was just like any other appointment. “Get in, get out. Clump of cells. Everyone does it.”

She drove up, repeating her mantra like she had been for the past week whenever doubt entered her mind. As she was walking towards the clinic, someone tapped on her shoulder. She turned to see a friendly smile of a woman. She looked close to her age and, Abby noticed, was standing in front of a large bus. On the side of the bus she read “Free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests!” 

Abby remembered her last abortion  She didn’t see the ultrasound. The screen was turned away from her. But what was there to see? It was just a clump of cells, right? But something in her wondered what she had missed by not seeing that screen. 

The woman offered her an ultrasound. Abby thought, “It’s free. What do I have to lose?”

The screen turned on. The gel felt cold. Abby was staring up at the ceiling. “I’m going to be late to my appointment,” she thought. The nurse interrupted her thoughts, saying, “There it is! There’s your baby’s heartbeat. Looks like you’re ten weeks along.”

“Wait! There’s a heartbeat?” Abby’s eyes darted to the screen. A heartbeat. Arms. Legs. A little nose. Stunned, Abby blurted out, “This is what I missed!”

The nurse looked puzzled and, through tears, Abby shared her story  the ultrasound, the abortion, the pregnancy test, the mantra, the lies. She couldn’t understand why anyone would say this baby was “just a clump of cells.”

That moment on the Stork Bus was a life-changing for Abby. Not only did she begin her process of healing from her abortion, but she also chose life for her baby.

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This story was shared with us by our affiliate, First Option Care, in Thomasville, GA.