15-Year-Old Chooses Life After Her Dad Says This Beautiful Thing…

On a cold November morning the bus was parked outside the late term abortion clinic.  The parking lot was full of out of town license plates. A truck pulled in with Colorado plates. A young girl got out of the car with an older couple—they all looked scared and confused.

On their way into the clinic they agreed to come over and talk with the staff on the bus before their appointment. We welcomed them into the warm bus and asked them to tell us their story.  

The young girl, named Missy, was pregnant and in her second trimester. Missy was a 15-year-old high school sophomore. Her parents had taken her to Mexico to get an ultrasound and were in New Mexico for her abortion.

She began to share how scared she was about being pregnant. She wanted to finish high school and pursue her goals… a child couldn’t fit into that. Missy also shared that the baby’s dad wasn’t involved.

As she talked she relaxed a little and began to smile as the staff asked questions. One of the staff members asked if she could share her experience with the family and they said yes.

The staff member shared that she had just retired after 30 years as an Engineer, but 40 years ago she was facing the same decision as Missy. She was 15 and pregnant. She kept her baby and went to a school for pregnant teens. She was able to go to college and have a good career and an amazing family. She shared about her children and grandchildren she had because of that choice.

She finished by saying, “It won’t be easy but it will be amazing.”


Missy and her parents were encouraged and asked a lot of questions about school and pregnancy. The staff also began to show the family information about fetal development and what Missy’s baby was doing right now. Missy shared that she had seen the baby sucking its thumb during her ultrasound in Mexico.

Missy’s parent told her they would choose life for their grandchild but it was her decision. Missy said she wanted to keep the baby and stay in school but she was nervous about the baby not having a father figure.

When she said that, her dad came over, took her hand, and said, “I will be that man in your child’s life.”

Everyone in the bus began to cry. Missy said, “I want to keep the baby.” Her parents were very excited. We all prayed together, then we gave the family names and numbers for local pregnancy centers in their area so they would have support when they got home. They thanked the staff and advocates and began their trip home.

God has a purpose and a plan. He put the right people in the right place so Missy could hear what she needed to hear to be empowered to choose life.

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This story was shared with us by Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque.


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