Department of Justice to Investigate Planned Parenthood’s Selling of Fetal Body Parts—Finally

Live Action News — The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced that Planned Parenthood is officially under federal investigation.

Investigations in 2016 by the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives and the Senate Judiciary Committee resulted in Planned Parenthood being referred to the FBI and the DOJ, as well as state attorneys general, for criminal investigations. After two comprehensive probes, the Committee and the Panel separately found that uncovered documents and testimony indicated Planned Parenthood broke multiple state and federal laws.

Now, it appears the DOJ may come to the same conclusion. The facts indicate that Planned Parenthood is a corrupt, law-breaking, taxpayer-funded abortion corporation.

The Senate Judiciary Committee sifted through over 20,000 pages of documents connected to Planned Parenthood and the U.S. abortion industry, and now the DOJ has requested those documents, according to The Daily Beast, who broke this story.

DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, Stephen Boyd, stated the documents have been requested “to further the Department’s ability to conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment of that [Senate] report based on the full range of information available.”

Included in the documents requested by the DOJ was evidence of the harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts. One of the most disturbing revelations included the specific harvesting of aborted baby brains for use at a student summer camp hosted by the University of New Mexico.

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) first broke the news on baby body part sales in the summer of 2015, when it released the first in a series of videos that showed top Planned Parenthood executives, abortionists, and fetal parts buyers discussing a underground industry that profited off of abortion at a second level, after first raking in the profits for the inhuman abortion procedure itself.

The tapes also revealed Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and abortionist at multiple Colorado facilities, making a disturbing admission.

Speaking of behind the door activities at the Planned Parenthood in Stapleton, Colorado — one of the chain’s largest facilities — Ginde admitted that up to 10 percent of babies in the second trimester are born before the abortion is completed.

In Colorado, if a child is born alive at any age, he or she is a person under law. Yet Ginde never discussed sending these children to the hospital or giving any kind of emergency care. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains fails to keep resuscitation equipment for infants on site at any of its facilities.

According to videos and documentation, this does not appear to be anything other than the status quo at Planned Parenthood facilities around the nation.


The CMP tapes also provided evidence of partial-birth abortions likely being committed so that abortionists could more easily harvest the aborted babies’ organs. Not only is partial-birth abortion banned federally, but it is also illegal to change an abortion procedure to harvest organs. Additionally, federal law forbids abortionists who are committing a particular abortion to commit it with the knowledge that the baby is designated for organ harvesting.

More details on these and other laws potentially broken by Planned Parenthood are available here. According to Fox News, the current DOJ investigation of Planned Parenthood will “reopen the years-long debate on whether Planned Parenthood and other providers violated the law with the illegal sale of body parts.”

Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, released the following statement on the DOJ investigation:

It has been almost a year since two congressional investigations revealed substantial evidence suggesting Planned Parenthood profited from selling the body parts of aborted children. Despite that evidence and the fact that Planned Parenthood’s own lawyers admitted it couldn’t legally justify the money it charged for the body parts, politics won over principle, and the Obama administration buried any criminal investigation.

Now justice may finally be done. We applaud the Justice Department for taking action this week to open a criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood’s gruesome baby body parts trafficking scheme and to follow the evidence where it leads.

Planned Parenthood’s barbaric trading of baby body parts is one of America’s greatest national shames, only outdone by our law’s permissiveness of the slaughter of those children in the first place.

While taxpayers should have never been forced to fund an abortion chain that commits over 320,000 abortions every year, the very least the federal government must do is suspend all taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood while it’s under criminal investigation by the Justice Department and FBI.


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