A Letter to the Moms Waiting to Adopt This Christmas Season — “Please Don’t Lose Hope.”

For our family, this Christmas season will be our most memorable. It is our first Christmas as a family of three. Our home is overflowing with love, magic, and new beginnings. This year we get to celebrate Christmas with our son.

We spent hours Christmas shopping (and lets be honest, baby B is not even gonna know what’s going on this year!) and have dreamt of the traditions that will make the season full of magic. We had no idea just how emotional this Christmas would be for our family. This is a dream I wasn’t sure would ever come true. But, one thing I can say for sure?

I would go through all of the heartache and sadness again to get to my son.

To all of you who have babies growing in your hearts right now, I promise you, this holiday season will soon be filled with love, joy, and overwhelming thankfulness.

Right now, I know your hearts are dreading spending another holiday without your child. I know your hearts ache as you watch families celebrate the magic of Christmas with little ones. I know you dream of the day when you will get to hang up that stocking that says, “Baby’s First Christmas.” I know you can’t wait for the day when you get to wrap gifts to put under the tree for your most treasured gift.


Please don’t lose hope.

Last year, I was walking with you. I remember being curled up by our fireplace holding tightly to the book I had bought for a baby I had hoped to be holding in my arms.

I remember each tear that fell down my face.

I remember each silent prayer I whispered to God, begging Him to give me strength.

You’re. Not. Alone. Please don’t give up hope. Please don’t lose your faith.

This season, I’m praying for your hearts to be full of hope for what is to come. It is worth the wait. It is worth every single tear. It is worth every silent prayer. Please know you are in my heart this season.


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This blog was originally posted on Grace Filled Mess. For more on Amy, her beautiful family, and their adoption journey, you can head to her blog, Glimpses of Hope.