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I march for women…

For the woman who is facing a tough decision.

For the woman who is in a dire economic state.

For the woman who sees abortion as her only option.

For the woman struggling with addiction.

For the woman with multiple children and one on the way.

For the woman who has her whole life ahead of her.

For the woman who desires to choose life and her dreams.

For the woman who sees her pregnancy as a blessing and not a curse.

For the woman who believes life is not an alternative, but the primary option for her child.


I march for men… 

For the man who understands his responsibility is to his child.

For the man who refuses to become a statistic.

For the man who desires to break the generational cycle and chooses to be there for his child.

For the man who chose to put the bottle and the needle down for the sake of his family.

For the man who sees his child as an opportunity to love like he has never loved before.

For the man who refuses to cave to societal pressures and instead raises his child.

For the man who refuses to be an absentee father.

I march for children… 

For the child who didn’t ask for these circumstances.

For the child who deserves a chance at life.

For the child who is referred to as a “blob of cells.”

For the child who deeply desires to be loved.

For the child who isn’t “normal.”

For the child who “doesn’t have a chance.”

I march for the pregnancy center that opens its doors every single day

For the nurse who volunteers at that local pregnancy center to see lives saved.

For the nurse practitioner who walked away from a lucrative job to offer her services to moms and dads in need.

I march for those who choose to spend their day serving others facing unplanned pregnancies.

I march for the church that refuses to close their blinds to the abortion issue and is stepping up to help fund life-celebrating clinics all across the country.

I march for the businessman that felt a call on his life to open a pregnancy center in Knoxville, TN across from an abortion clinic.

I march for the workers that continued his fight and were able to see that abortion clinic close in 2012.

I march for you and for me. I march for those who have gone before us and laid the foundation for this great work.

I get up every day and join thousands who commit their professional and personal lives to serving the most vulnerable of our society. I can think of no other thing I would rather do. We have come a long way in this fight, but the work is not yet complete.

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