How This Pregnancy Center Shut Down Their Local Abortion Clinic

Dreary winter days are notorious for dampening the spirit but that was not the case when my colleague and I visited our affiliates in Bettendorf, IA.

Greeted warmly by the volunteer coordinator, we are ushered into the staff and volunteer prayer time as they start the day. What are the topics that need prayer? Requests for appointments are the theme of prayer.

Especially heavy is the request to pray for a women who called in the middle of the night regretting taking the abortion pill. They hope she still chooses to come to the appointment and receive the abortion reversal pill. So far they’ve seen 300 babies saved by the abortion reversal pill, and their praying for this to be the 301st.

The women serving as volunteers pray together fervently for the needs of the women they know by name. Their heart inspires me as I witness the compassion they have for each individual they serve.

With a resounding “AMEN!” all the volunteers disperse and prepare for the day.

One volunteer gives us a tour of their beautiful pregnancy center. The Women’s Choice Center was strategically built as a beautiful, welcoming and spacious center to serve women in the area. They chose their building site with the goal to eventually close down the only abortion clinic in town – which happens to be directly across the street at the dead-end of Happy Joe Drive.

Celebrative smiles filled the faces of everyone as they expressed the joy of knowing that the abortion center officially closed just two weeks before our arrival. Years of prayer, love and compassion fueled by faith in the sanctity of life, finally resulted in the closure of the local abortion clinic.

Vicki, the Executive Director for the last 10 years, graciously took time to give us more detail regarding the history of the Bettendorf pregnancy center and her journey of service.

10 years ago there was one paid staff and two volunteers. Now they have fifty volunteers weekly supporting the eleven staff who serve the women through medical services, counseling, classes, and community resources. When she first began, Vicki told God that he would have to bring in the help she would need to accomplish the tasks required to serve their community well and he did. Vicki never had to bring in staff. God drew in all the staff they’ve needed.


Vicki’s faith is outstanding and I felt humbled to be in the room with such a strong leader and faithful, loving woman. On all my visits to pregnancy centers, I am always amazed by the women who run them. Many have post-abortive stories and all are deeply passionate, caring and kind. The love they have for everyone truly amazes me. I believe

Executive Directors are some of the strongest people I’ve ever met. They have to have thick skin, deep faith, and unquenchable love for the hurt and broken hearts they serve.

The Woman’s Choice Center owns a 37.5 ft Mobile Unit which they use up to six days a week. They serve low-income areas who don’t have prenatal care, and especially interact in African and Hispanic communities. The Women’s Choice Mobile team also reach out and serve prostitutes, the poor, and those with mental sickness.  They share God’s love with each person who boards their mobile unit.

Last year they served over 100 women and saw 98 decisions for life take place as a result of seeing the ultrasound image on the Mobile Unit.

“Miracles Happen as we keep our focus on Jesus. He helps us do what he has called us to do.” Vickie states as we wrap up our visit.

With prayer and awe of God’s work, we said our goodbyes. We send a big thank you to Vickie and her entire team for taking the time to share with us the story of God’s work in Bettendorf.

And thank you to every Executive Director, volunteer, nurse, counselor, and social worker who serve in pregnancy centers around America. You are the giants of the faith. You are on the front lines feeling the wounds of death while advocating for life. Save the Storks prays for you and we are thankful to support the amazing work done by pregnancy centers like Women’s Choice.



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